Web Developer Toolbox

While working on the project a Web developer might encounter thousand problems. That is why it’s hard to imagine a Web developer’s life without good developing resources. In order to make your life easier we’ve gathered the list of the most useful tools available on the Web.

Social Media Sites

You can visit these sites to find most up-to-date developing resources. Find articles, guides, tutorials and more.

  • Slashdot: the site that has the latest news on issues that are important to developers. You can read more about each of the authors, including contact information, and figure out who to blame for what by reading The Authors Page. But the majority of the work is done by the tons of people who use the Submission Form to send in the stories that we post every day.
  • Dzone: a free link-sharing community for developers, where anyone can submit new links to the incoming queue, then members vote on upcoming links to determine what gets promoted. Everyone can browse, search and comment on links.
  • Tweako: a user-powered community website, and social network, specializing in all aspects of computing, technology, and the Internet. Users submit hand written articles, or links to outside websites, which are guides, tutorials, service reviews, new software, general information, how-to’s, and much more. It is a place to learn and share information and knowledge about every computer and technology topic out there.
  • java.blogs: a ‘blog community’ – that is a group aggregation site for blogs which discuss Java technology regularly.
  • Listible: a new way to get relevant resources quickly. By using Web 2.0 features such as AJAX, folksonomy (tagging), social elements such as voting/commenting and the listible’s listonomy (listing), resources can be sorted in a way that will be digestible. You can search what you need quick. You can contribute your resources easier. All of these technologies are powered by LAMP and Symfony PHP framework.

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Popular Online Generators

Button Generators

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Full WEB 2.0 API List


Google AdSense Advertising management
Google AdWords Search advertising
Microsoft adCenter Online advertising services
UrlTrends Link tracking and search optimization
Wordtracker Search engine optimization services
Yahoo Ads Online ad management
Yahoo Search Marketing Search advertising platform
Answerbag Questions and answers service
Blogwise Blog and feed search service
SplogSpot Database of spam blogs

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