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  1. Good Stuff………..

  2. Thanks to your list, I was able to create a simple logo for our blog!

  3. Thanks, thats a very handy list

  4. Nice list!

    I’ve found another logo generator though. http://www.freshbadge.com/

  5. Thanks! This’s going to be a huge help

  6. Amazing article for the lazy web developer like me.. haha.

    its somehow now lazy.. but convenient. heheh

  7. Thanks for your list.
    This’s going to take short time to design for web.

  8. very nice, so useful, thank you…

  9. Sweet list! It helps a non-designer like myself a lot. Thanks-a-bunch. 🙂

  10. Here is a cool ribbon generator: websiteribbon.com

  11. Great resource !!
    May I add the this one :


    It’s a clever online template generator that helps to create a unique, professional looking template in few minutes for $0. You pick a template from the portfolio, then you can customize colors, background, title, fonts. Then you download. Great result guaranteed ! Check it out. More templates will be added.

  12. This website is cluster with a bunch of web2.0 concept.
    thank 🙂

  13. very nice list and info. Thank you!

  14. this is amazing collection

  15. Excellent, thanks for the links to these programs.

  16. Excellent, thanks for the links to these programs.

  17. Great resource !! Thanks

  18. Thanks for you information.Your post have make some idea to me.

  19. Thanks a ton for this… really helpful list… and techmagazine.ws is a God send for me!!!! Tons and tons of so many good articles i am finding here!!!


  20. Awesome list. Thanks!

  21. What about page peeler generator at http://peeler.yallways.com

    Created those peel away corner ads that you see but with no programming knowledge needed.