Web Designer’s Inspiration Package: 40+ Dark Designs

The majority of web sites you visit on the Internet have a white background, with black text. It is really difficult to find web sites that use a dark background with light text, since there are many poorly implemented instances of this color scheme, which leave web site hard to read and painful to look at.

We made an attempt to showcase well designed web sites with light text on a dark background, which surely  leave a long-lasting impression on the visitors.

alex buga

branda requilla

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Most Popular Free Quality Fonts

1. Andron Scriptor has been issued to support scholarly editing purposes for medieval philological studies and is provided free of charge. Font format: TrueType for Windows/Linux/Mac OS X.


2. Audimat


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How to Verify any Email Address

This tool allows you to verify any e-mail address. You type in the address, and the tool will actually connect to the mail server and check that the mailbox and username exist.